The Art of the Dodge

Do you know that car that zips by you on the left side of the highway when the construction signs are asking cars to move to the right lane due to upcoming construction? This car whizzes by and you can almost hear the driver laughing at the rest of us who are following the rules. Then, he aggressively manages to squeeze in at the last second and self-congratulates himself for being superior and smarter than the rabble he just left in his dust. But, in reality, he was taking advantage of others and then slowing down the whole line, causing a long traffic jam.

Well, that’s how I see Trump and his hubris about not paying taxes.

The president has paid zero taxes in 10 of the last 15 years, and just a mere $750 in 2016, the year he won the election, and 2017, his first year in the White House.

If we just look at Trump's 2017 "tax receipt" for the $750 he paid in federal income taxes, Trump's taxes contributed a paltry $18.52 to the Veteran's Health Administration. He contributed truly measly amounts to School Lunches ($5.80!), Immigration and Border Control ($5.19), Science ($1.85 to the NSF!), the Environment ($2.03 to the EPA), etc. Keep in mind that the years that he paid no taxes, he contributed nothing.

That means you and I had to pay MORE to make up for what he and others like him are avoiding using loopholes. Even if it's not illegal, it's surely immoral.

Trump’s tax avoidance means he contributed very little to the things that really matter to most Americans: our Military/National Defense, Veterans' income, Education, Unemployment and Labor, Health, and Affordable Housing.

Taxes are an investment in the future. Our assets - from roads, dams, and other critical infrastructure to our public schools and universities - are the products of previous generations' tax investments. Also, without our state looking to the future and using our tax dollars to strengthen our infrastructure, our schools, and protect our resources, businesses will not want to locate here. It has a domino effect.

So, as I see it, as our President gleefully dodges his tax responsibilities with legal maneuvers and then seemingly laughs at those of us that do pay taxes, his actions are not just cheating his own government, but he is stealing from those of us who are following tax laws and regulations.


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