Democracy is at a pivotal moment.

There is a common denominator in our protests recently: JUSTICE: conformity to truth, fact, or reason

1. Truth: Young protesters are demanding justice and an end to systemic anti-Black racism and the pandemic of police brutality that is disproportionately killing Black people across this country. In response, the President of the United States deployed tear-gas, rubber bullets and military personnel on peaceful protesters.

2. Reason: Why is our Department of Justice filing "statements of interest" in Michigan, Maine and other states saying the state’s trying o undermine our Governor's and rule of law?

In Maine, Mills said. “I am deeply disappointed – and frankly disgusted – that the U.S Department of Justice is making a concerted effort to undermine the health of the people of Maine – objections they never raised when the president and his own task force took steps to limit travel. It seems to me that their only actual ‘interest’ here is, at best, political or, at worst, to harm Mainers, not defend them.”

3. Fact: Militarized police are getting ready to use their equipment. One of Trump's first acts was an executive order lifting an Obama-era ban on the transfer of certain types of military equipment, like grenade launchers and bayonets, to local police departments. The police are public servants, not an occupying force. We need reform, not escalation.

Now is not the time to stay on the sidelines. We must move from being viewers to doers to have justice.

Join the protests locally or support your local democrats. All of us are needed. Sign up to find out how you can help our campaign!


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