Balance Sheet for our District

Updated: Aug 10

Here are the survey results from the past week's Poll:

60% of us underestimated the amount of income needed to support a family of four in our District. Now that we know the facts (laid out in Monday's guest blog post) of this problem we are facing as a community, I feel that we can better discuss what we should do to help change this situation so our District is a better and safer place to live.

When you think of a simple balance sheet, we know there are just a few real areas that we can look to in order to make some effective positive change:

1. Create more income/support

2. Reduce spending costs/expenses

Shiawassee County offers a lot of resources and non-profit organizations that work to sustain our families and reduce their expenses. I would work to get boosted support for these critical organizations through additional federal, state, and local funding, especially during this pandemic/economic crisis period.

  • Affordable housing; eviction moratorium

  • Expand eligibility for Property Tax Credit, including relief for seniors

  • Expand Section 8 type programs & local housing availability

  • Consider improvements to rural mortgage financing programs

  • Local first time home buyer and local foreclosure prevention programs

  • Protect/expand food assistance programs (eg SNAP)

  • School breakfast & lunch programs

  • Senior meals support

  • Rural transportation challenges (eg SATA)

  • Rural phone & internet access

  • Equitable, sufficient K-12 funding

  • College funding and student loan relief

  • Support post-secondary and adult retraining

  • Create Michigan tax credits for education (eg. flow through Lifelong Learning credit, like EITC)

  • Support programs that help families reduce debt

  • State crackdown on predatory lending

  • Automatic opt-in for workplace retirement plans

  • Create State saver's tax credit (or flow through federal)

  • EQUAL PAY FOR WOMEN. See the graph on the left, and note that women are not making the same as men, and this impacts our children, our entire family, and our community

  • Improved wages for low-income healthcare workers

  • Grow well-paying, sustainable jobs/industries in the county

  • Support training and retraining

  • Support of local micro-businesses and locally-owned small businesses

  • Expand Earned Income Tax Credit in MICHIGAN, Protect social security and Expand MI quarterly payments related to SSI


Without solving the EXPENSE of child care, which reduces income by up to ⅓ we will not fix anything. Here are some steps we can take:

  • Expand head start slots (currently not enough to meet the local need!)

  • Introduce state childcare tax credits (while transitioning to free childcare)

  • Family-friendly workplace policies

And, of course, overarching this whole situation, is the crushing impact on income from healthcare costs. We will be doing a deep dive into healthcare issues impacting our district in the next guest blog in this series, and you will be surprised by what I have doing to advance some initiatives already.

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