Are we still Strong?

Updated: May 21

In times of upheaval like the Great Depression or World War II, we've been taught that the “common good” wins over fear. Will that happen now? Is our divisive politics and social media too powerful to allow that?

As our downtowns begin to open back up, I choose to keep this video up on my campaign website because it reminds me of the feeling of unity in our community. Now, we are easily distracted by talk about the local barber vs. our Governor and jobs vs. healthcare.

The truth is I really, really want this type of unity back that is captured in the video below. It's all about knowing we are in this together. This is important to keep in mind for the upcoming elections as well. No individual candidate can defeat the opposition by themselves. It takes a campaign of volunteers. So, please consider joining us as we try to get our district to pivot back to Democrat in 2020.

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