Our 85th district intersects with one of a few “pivot” counties that votes Blue and Red and voted for Trump. Now, we are in a perilous time of facing a Pandemic and its economic fallout and also handling divisive partisan politics! In the next few years, our communities will need to have a strong Democratic advocate in Lansing as the Republican-led budget cuts will deeply impact everything we do going forward.  My very top goal will be fighting for effective legislation that supports our small businesses and farms, improves our schools and fixes our teacher pay & retirement policies, develops skilled training programs, makes our water clean, and more!  How? The first step is to get the Democrats in power in Lansing, so we all need to get out the vote! 
Let’s Pivot Back to Democrat! 


In Michigan, the divide is wide between Republicans and Democrats on issues ranging from teacher unions to charter schools to K-12 state budgets. A lack of adequate state funding for schools is leaving Michigan students behind.

Politicians need to support and reward educators, and the profession needs our respect.

Pivot Plan:

  • Monetary Issues

    • Increased pay and benefits, for new and current teachers

    • Pay educators for mentoring

    • Lower the cost to become a teacher and debt relief

  • Professional development

    • Give opportunities to advise and help in state government 

    • Address disparities in rural vs. higher-income areas

    • Address educator shortages

  • Increase long-term job satisfaction​

    • End the excessive paperwork, workload, and bureaucracy

    • Reduce class sizes

  • Expand access to high-quality preschool

    • End evaluations tied to testing results, recognizing socioeconomic impacts

  • Other issues such as access to high-quality preschool, simplified IEP resources for children with special needs 


We are being told already that we should brace ourselves for shortfalls resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. Our local governments will have few options to generate revenue on their own and the state government is facing its own projected budget shortfall in 2021. At the same time, we must keep investing in first responders and increase services for vulnerable populations. Federal assistance is going to be “imperative”.  

Pivot Plan:


  • People Before the Dollar- no exceptions 

  • Michigan families must continue to get food, cash, internet during coronavirus crisis

  • Rent and Mortgage relief 

  • Student Loan forgiveness

  • Extend Unemployment Benefits to workers who are sick, quarantined, or taking care of family members who are ill.

  • Increase minimum wage to at least a living wage of $15 hr

Green New Deal

  • Infrastructure for a complete switch to renewables

  • Diversify our local economies

  • Targeted investments in communities such as low-income housing, vocational training, future for frontliner program



The Green New Deal aims to address climate change and economic inequality with ideas such as renewable energy and resource efficiency. Money may finally flow from the Federal Government to the State on behalf of issues not addressed in years, such as clean water and infrastructure programs.  I will ensure that our district is involved and represented.

Pivot Plan:

  • It's about a carrot and stick- incentives and regulations.

    • Offer financial rewards for manufacturers that implement

      • More Efficient Raw Material Processing

      • Cleaner and More Efficient Factories

      • Long-Term Energy Security

    • Regulations will determine penalties and ensure compliance​

  • Work with local environmental groups to develop new ways to create new green deal jobs.

  • Clean, safe drinking water 

  • Protecting our waterways

  • Dealing with waste, recycling

  • Preserving our pollinators

  • Working with regional farms on Regenerative Farming 


Suddenly, the COVID-19 Pandemic has forced us ALL to stop in our tracks. Its time to finally make the changes that we need to build a more just and equitable society starting with universal health care.

Pivot Plan: 

  • Secure Universal Healthcare

  • Lower perscription costs

  • Address Drug and Alcohol Addiction in our area

  • Free mental health resources for Michiganders during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Make Regulatory changes to support telemedicine

  • Eliminate costs for all medical care related to COVID-19 for all patients

  • Expand Medicaid by increasing the federal share of the cost 

  • Increased funding our communities for access to a full range of healthcare services

  • Increase Women's health care rights and access

  • Expand funding for new and expanded VA health clinics & programs

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