Andrea Kelly Garrison grew up in Grosse Pointe Michigan in an Irish catholic political family. Her Grandfather, Harry F. Kelly was a Republican Governor of Michigan and he personally nominated his fellow Governor and friend from Owosso, Thomas E. Dewey for U.S. President at the national convention. Andrea’s favorite memories of her Grandfather were up north at the family cabin, where the Kellys shared Irish family folklore, lake perch dinners with heated political discussions, and overall love of Michigan, service, and family.

"Today's Republican Party is much different than when my Grandfather was Governor. Many
traditional Republicans are now Independents and they will pivot between parties."

Andrea is a graduate of the University of Michigan and has spent her career at entrepreneurial companies and non-profits that were launching new, cutting-edge programs. In 2003, Andrea was chosen by the State of Michigan to manage a 3-year multi-million dollar program with the non-profit MichBio to create new jobs in the life science sector. 

She also loves the Arts and worked for another non-profit, Ann Arbor’s historic Michigan Theater, where she helped launch a new SE Michigan regional film festival called Cinetopia. Today, she works at Ultra Consultants helping U.S. manufacturers and distributors to upgrade and modernize their critical business systems. This is even more urgent now in today's COVID-19 crisis as factories try to pivot to remote work.

"This election is about our future. It’s about affordable health care. It’s about job security. It's about showing faith in each other, our community, and our government."

Andrea's spare time is often centered around being outdoors and on the water. She has a genuine concern about preventing river pollution, restoring habitat for wildlife, and educating the public about what they can do to address environmental issues such as climate change.  Over the years, Andrea has volunteered to help clean up and protect both the Huron River and the Shiawassee River and she is especially eager to impact environmental policy in Lansing. 


Andrea lives and works from home in Owosso with her husband, Ray Garrison, and their 14-year-old Bichon Frise Lincoln.

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Grandfather Harry F. Kelly and family

Harry F. Kelly was the first governor to occupy the Mackinac mansion.