63% of our district depends on their employer for their health insurance. This is a problem, especially during a pandemic and recession.  We can address this with reform legislation.


I will work to streamline telehealth and telemedicine to reduce barriers, such as reimbursement, cross-state licensure issues, and reduce the administrative and financial burden to implement telemedicine.


I will work with state Medicaid agencies and other state partners to advance rural health strategies for people with disabilities, dual-eligible beneficiaries, and people with substance use disorders.


I will work hard to increase healthcare access with programs that focus on rural population groups experiencing health disparities due to income, age, gender identity and ethnic or racial characteristics. 


I advocate for more free COVID-19 testing in both Saginaw and Shiawassee counties. Also, more assistance from our County Health departments on providing free PPE for medical professionals and businesses.


Now, more than ever in this Pandemic, people are losing their health care along with their jobs. Read more data and what we can do about it on in this blog.


It's time to take on the Pharmaceutical companies and lower our prescription drug prices and also expand funding for new and expanded VA health clinics & programs.


With suicidal rates skyrocketing, especially in our children, during the Pandemic. I want to increase the number of social workers and nurses at each grade-level and school.  

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