This is our opportunity to do something that will impact the community and help make a difference.  Here are just a few ways to help that we have identified. Help us Pivot Back!

porch parties

Meet the candidate

August & September Porch Parties

Invite your friends and family over for a safe outdoor porch/lawn gathering to talk about the upcoming election. It's going to be the most consequential election in American history, so we should all be informed,  especially when it comes to local matters,  such as whom you vote to Represent you in Lansing. 


  • What are Andrea's platform issues she will fight for on your behalf?

  • Will Andrea be responsive to your community needs, ideas, and solutions?

  • Let Andrea explain why she will be a more effective choice for our District  Representive in 2020 as she works with the Governor, not against her.

Make it a fundraiser and invite Andrea to attend to your Porch Pivot Party below. 




The Republicans are trying to keep the Michigan House under their control, but time is up in 2020. 

We need your donations to run and win.

 Support the election of that woman from Owosso!


Andrea pledges the following:

  • She will listen to and advocate for all constituents.

  • She will join with colleagues on both sides of the aisle.

  • She will display integrity, courage, and civility.

  • She will be on your side, always soliciting ideas, concerns, and solutions to the challenges we all are facing in today’s pivotal era.

Fill out the form below too if you are wanting us to come out to put up a sign for you.


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