I will protect our Rivers and Watersheds. Today, our 50-year-old wastewater plants are failing along our Shiawassee River.  Lansing must help us invest in new on-site sewage treatment systems.


It is time to shut down Pipeline 5 under our waterways and I would vote against new Enbridge tunnels that would carry toxic tar sands oil - the dirtiest fossil fuel with the biggest contribution to climate change. 


I believe we need to focus our energy on providing clean and safe drinking water programs for our communities, especially during times of mandatory quarantines. Additionally, I would push to install filtered drinking water stations in all our district schools.


I would like to create new incentives for state solar and wind tax credits by passing the Powering Michigan Forward Act.


We have PFAS chemicals endangering our drinking water, our groundwater, and our river water here in our District right now.  I will make sure the Shiawassee River is protected from these dangerous forever chemicals.


In 2021, I will work hard to finally pass the Clean and Renewable Energy Waste Reduction Act that takes action locally to address climate change such as goals like 100% renewable energy sources by 2050.


Our district needs infrastructure funding such as our waste, recycling, and environmental hazards. Also, I believe Michigan needs a statewide septic code as well.


Mid-Michigan can reach zero reliance on fossil fuels by the building and transportation sectors by 2050.

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