Educational Pivot Plans


I believe we can support our overburdened schools with community efforts to help students, especially with wi-fi access. See more in my blog.


I would work to end evaluations tied to testing results, recognizing socioeconomic impacts in our district.


Our district needs to provide proactive, public plans with state, county and local health departments to conduct case tracing in the event of a positive case.


We need to help our teachers plan for thier retirement by setting a clear and unambiguous retirement eligibility age that is not tied to a funding formula or member life expectancy.


We need 100% access to high-quality preschool through head-start (no waiting lists). I would also work to help support remotely accessible IEP resources for children with special needs.


In light of the BLM movement, we need to work with our school districts to adopt appropriate policies and curriculum that are more inclusive and historically accurate and sensitive.


I plan to protect our retirees with by setting a minimum pension for teachers who have retired prior to 1987 that reflects the impact of inflation.


The state should provide a static employee contribution rate percentage so that teachers can rely on their retirement plans.  

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