We need an emergency repair to our Unemployment system, starting with the development of a new mobile app for accessing benefits and hiring hundreds of state workers to help applicants. See my blogs on our underfunded

Unemployment Agency and why we need extended Unemployment Benefits during the pandemic.


A living wage in Shiawassee County is about $14.90 for a two-income family of four. Even in periods with low unemployment, 1 out of 3 Shiawassee County families did not earn enough to afford basic living expenses I will work to alleviate major wage loss due to childcare and eldercare.


During COVID-19, we need to suspend evictions and provide easier rent and mortgage relief. 


Promote Futures for Frontliners- a new scholarship program that pays for frontline workers to attend your local community college tuition-free.  Also, offer programs to finish high school and attend training schools.


It is time to substantially increase our worker's minimum wage. Over a third of working families in Shiawassee County do not earn enough to afford the basic living expenses necessary to sustain them. Find out more about the One-Two Pandemic Punch we face in this blog post.


Pass a state funded program providing

caregivers who work full-time jobs with up to $70 per day to cover the cost of health care, meals, transportation and in-home services for an aging family member.


I would enhance longer-term help for our district for food, cash, internet and other essential needs during the coronavirus crisis.  


It is time to pass equal pay for women. See the blog, and you'll see that women are not making the same as men, and this impacts our children, our entire family, and our community.

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